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Sunsquabi In Detroit!!

Get ready to be swept away by the electrifying beats of SunSquabi as they descend upon Detroit for a night of unparalleled musical magic. With their genre-defying fusion of electronic, funk, and jam band elements, Sunsquabi promises a sonic journey like no other. Their epic live performances are not just concerts; they're immersive experiences, complete with mesmerizing visuals and an infectious energy that will have you dancing all night. SunSquabi's ability to connect with the audience on a profound level adds an extra layer of magic to the night, making it a collective celebration of rhythm and harmony. Set against the backdrop of Detroit's dynamic musical history, this is your chance to escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary in electronic music. Secure your tickets now for a night that promises to be an unforgettable blend of innovation, connection, and pure sonic bliss.


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